Tiia Tamme


Dear reader! I am Dr. Tiia Tamme, a face and jaw surgeon. As you can gather from my title, I specialise in the facial area. I have over twenty years of experience in my profession and have never stopped being fascinated by it.

I love beauty and creating beauty. Aesthetic surgery and medicine are the areas in which I can practise my passion.

A plastic surgery operation or procedure is successful when the result is not 'too much' but rather aesthetically pleasing and natural. This is only possible when your doctor takes into consideration your facial proportions and knows how to bring out its individual beauty.

Facial plastic surgery - where art, science and beauty meet.

I'm also a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu. In addition to teaching students, I'm interested in forward-looking research in the field of regenerative medicine.

Areas of research:

To be successful in my line of work, I need to stay in touch with my colleagues to constantly share my knowledge as well as keep it up to date. Memberships in various professional organisations present an excellent opportunity for this.

My full CV is available here.

I'm more than happy to assist you at a personal consultation. You are more than welcome to ask questions - our conversation is fully confidential. A detailed consultation is a dialogue with the goal of finding answers to our questions and helping us decide whether the patient's wishes and expectations can be met using the options available to us. Before coming in for a consultation, please read the information available on our website - this will help you prepare for our discussion.

See you soon!

Tiia Tamme


Dr. Tiia Tamme Kirurgia OÜ

J. Vilmsi tn. 41, Kadriorg, 10115


+372 51 25 176    Tue.-Fri. 9.00 - 17.00

Reg. nr. 12616953

Licence L05596

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