Subnasal upper lip plastic surgery, or lip lift

Luscious lips are always hot!

The lips and the mouth area comprise a prominent feature of our faces and we want them to look attractive. Due to ageing and genetic factors, the upper lip gets thinner and longer over time. At the same time, changes occur in facial and jaw bones, bone density decreases and the gumline recedes, making teeth appear longer. It is said that young people have a J-shaped upper lip, but over time its shape starts to resemble the letter I more.

The proportions of the lips and the mouth area as well as their harmony with the rest of the face are not a factor to be dismissed. There are two criteria to take into consideration when choosing a suitable method for upper lip correction. Subnasal upper lip surgery is indicated, first, when the distance between the nose and the vermilion zone is over 18-19 mm, and second, when 3-4 mm of the edges of the upper front teeth are not visible when the lips are in a relaxed state. During the procedure, a skin strip with pre-determined dimensions is removed from the subnasal area.

Benefits of lip lift:

Today, the lips and the mouth area tend to be overlooked, although it is in these zones that major age-related changes often occur. Quick solutions are often preferred and people opt for injectable lip fillers, which, in many cases, lead to an overdone appearance. Dr. Tamme points out that when correcting the lips and the mouth area, it is vital to take into consideration the patient's individual needs and the result should look natural. It is not rare for various surgical methods to be combined when performing lip correction, such as the mouth corner lift, V-Y plasty, fat transfer and tissue transplantation.

Although lip surgery is performed on a relatively small area, its overall effect on the whole face is significant.

Additional information on the surgical procedure:

Recovery: swelling and bruising for seven to ten days. You can return to work after two weeks. Final recovery after six to nine months.

Scarring: you may have noticeable scarring for the first three to four months, but after 10 to 14 days you may start to conceal it with makeup.

Anaesthesia: local or intravenous.

Cost: 1,500 EUR.

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