Neck wrinkles correction, or neck plastic surgery

Dear doctor, I don't like how my neck looks...

It is often the neck where hereditary factors, gravity, age-related changes and lifestyle choices first lead to the loss of muscle tone and the accumulation of fatty tissue. This gives us an old and tired look which is out of sync with our inner vitality (youthfulness).

Problems in the neck area may be caused by excess fat under the chin and its removal by liposuction is one option to get rid of this unsightly issue. To correct neck wrinkles, liposuction in the entire lower chin and neck area as well as a neck muscles lift may be required. During a consultation, Dr. Tamme will recommend a suitable solution that helps achieve a natural, refreshed result - she may suggest the combination of a facelift and chin implant instead.


Benefits of neck wrinkles correction

As a rule, the incision for neck plastic surgery starts in front of the ear, turns to the back of the ear and ends in the hair. Sometimes an additional incision of three to four centimetres, placed under the chin, is required to lift the front part of the neck, or the platysma muscle.


Additional information on the surgical procedure



Recovery: depends on the exact procedure. For example, after liposuction performed under the chin, recovery may take five to six days, while after a surgical procedure on the whole neck, you may need to take two to three weeks off work. Avoid strenuous physical activity and the sauna for four to six weeks.

Scarring: the procedure is scar-free because the incision for liposuction is only a few millimetres long and is placed where it is least noticeable. As for the correction of neck wrinkles and muscles, in which case the incision is placed in the front and at the back of the ears, some scarring may be visible at first. For the first few months, the scar tissue being formed may be red and solid. Scar tissue can be treated with cosmetic procedures (for example, plasma injections, chemical exfoliation, botulinum toxin injections, cryotherapy) to speed up the healing process.

Cost: prices start from 2,700 EUR

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