A consultation is vital for the patient as well as the doctor. The detailed information obtained and decisions made during the consultation are often of utmost importance. It is essential for the patient to feel at ease, be prepared for the consultation and be ready to discuss subjects related to their cosmetic and health problems freely. Try to view your consultation as a natural part of your doctor's job, as something they do every day, all year round. We are keenly interested in understanding what you would like to change about your appearance, evaluate different methods and present you with a choice of options for achieving the desired result.

The best way to prepare for a consultation is to analyse your appearance in front of a mirror: try to consider what you don't like about your looks and what exactly you would like to change. You can also benefit from reviewing the procedures and information presented on our website in advance.

Among other things, a consultation involves getting an overview of your physical condition to ensure your safety during surgery, anaesthesia and recovery. This is why we kindly ask you to present us with information on your health status, any unhealthy habits (smoking, alcohol consumption), medicines administered, underlying diseases, previous surgeries, allergies, etc. In other words, we would like to get a complete picture of your physical condition.

The decision to undergo plastic surgery requires that you have given the matter serious thought, discussed it with your close ones and family members, analysed your financial situation and obtained information on possible complications and the recovery period and that you are well-aware of your physical condition. It is also important to consider the following questions:

Should you decide during or after the consultation that you want to have the desired procedure done, we would like to meet up with you once more. At the pre-operative consultation we set an exact time for the procedure and discuss once again the specifics, anaesthesia, your physical condition, the necessary tests and the cost of the procedure and take photos of the target area. You will receive advice on suitable creams and cosmetic procedures to maximise the procedure's result. You will also be asked to sign all of the necessary documents. No follow-up consultations are needed for minor procedures (removal of benign tumours, beauty injections).

The consultation serves one more purpose: it helps you find a doctor to whose hands you are prepared to entrust your face. At the consultation, inquire about the doctor's qualifications and experience and ask to see before and after photos of their patients: this helps decide whether you and the doctor have the same understanding of beauty.

Consultation fee 70 EUR.

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