Facial implants

Give your face the look you've always dreamed of

Facial implants are used in facial and jaw surgery for reconstructive or restorative purposes as well as cosmetic purposes. Most often, corrective procedures are performed for cheek and lower jaw area problems or deformations - be they congenital or caused by facial trauma, diseases or surgery. For example, at a younger age, some are bothered by a weak jawline which shapes the whole face in addition to self-confidence. Others have the impression that their nose appears too big and long and that the lower jaw is disproportionately small relative to other facial features. They dislike side-view photos of themselves and look for a solution. In such cases, one option is lower jaw implants. Another example is that in the forties - along with the first signs of ageing, such as skin and bone structure changes, reduced skin elasticity and fatty tissue in cheeks sliding down towards the wings of the nose and corners of the mouth - you may start to notice increasingly deep lines developing between the nose and the mouth's outer corners (the nasolabial folds) as well as drooping mouth corners. What is more, we may notice that the under-eye area appears empty and sagging. All these changes contribute to a tired, grumpy look. One solution is cheek implants which can be used to lift the entire facial area previously described. The procedure is performed through the mouth so that no scarring will be visible on the face.

Benefits of facial implants

As for facial implants, it is worth pointing out that while this unique procedure generates permanent results, it is very easy to adjust the originally achieved look or even go back to your initial appearance (for example, when a patient decides to opt for smaller or bigger implants).

Dr. Tiia Tamme has used implants by Implantech in her work for more than 10 years. For over two decades, Implantech Associates Inc. has been the leading producer of implants in the USA, their portfolio includes around 200 implant versions. The most innovative option in their selection is custom-fit implants designed after your specific needs. A suitable implant is made in the company's labs in the USA according to your facial bones and preferences.

Facial implants can be used as an independent surgical procedure or in combination with other facial corrections. They are commonly used in combination with a facelift or forehead surgery, and lower jaw implants with corrective surgery to remove sagging neck skin.

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