I want to be myself, just ten years younger

A facelift is probably the most well-known, but for many also the most scary, plastic surgery procedure, typically being associated with the disfigured, too-tight or fake, even overdone, faces seen on the streets, news outlets or social media. The history of the facelift - which, today, when performed by a skilled surgeon, allows for a natural look while making you look ten years younger - dates back over a hundred years (Hollander, 1901).

When is the right time for a facelift?

 When your inner vitality (youthfulness) is out of sync with your appearance.

 When you look older than you are.

 When botulinum or filler injections or laser or other mechanical treatments have failed to give the desired result.

 You are looking for a solution that requires less skin treatment procedures but gives a long-lasting result (for years) and is reasonably effective for its price.

 This is what you want, not anyone else wants.

 Your physical and mental health are good.

 You want to be yourself, just ten years younger.

Benefits of facelift

Dr. Tamme will recommend a specific surgical procedure only after assessing the condition of your face and neck area as well as taking into consideration your preferences. Today, mainly two types of people are interested in having a facelift done. The first category includes people in their forties who are looking to reduce the first signs of ageing in the face and neck area - they usually have a deeper nasolabial fold and the jawline does not look as tight as before. The effect of the procedure is not clearly noticeable, but moderate. Often, friends and colleagues don't have any idea that you've had something done to your face. They just think that you age exceptionally well. These patients typically want to repeat the procedure in ten years' time. The other group of patients interested in a facelift, range from their fifties to their mid-seventies. In their case, the procedure addresses more structures and tissues; it requires more time and work and the recovery period is longer as well.

Nowadays, a facelift is done according to an individual patient, taking into consideration their physical condition, preferences and needs. The universal facelift, suitable for everyone, simply doesn't exist. For maximum rejuvenating effect, various procedures are combined. The facelift is often done with eyelid correction, facial implants or liposuction. The patient has to decide whether they want to have additional procedures performed along with a facelift or not.

A full facelift typically targets the middle and lower third of the face (the area covered by cheekbones, cheeks, lower jaw and lower jaw bones) as well as the neck, making it possible to tone and lift tissues and skin in these zones. A mini facelift addresses a specific concern in the face or neck area.

Additional information on the surgical procedure

Recovery: each individual is different and so the recovery period is. Usually, you need to take two weeks off from work, although the nature of your work also needs to be taken into consideration. Light physical activity is permitted after the third week, but strenuous activity should be avoided for longer. Don't go to the sauna for the first four to six weeks after surgery. Stitches are removed on two visits: on the 6th or 7th and on the 10th or 12th day.

Scarring: above or on the hairline and in front and at the back of the ears. For the first few months, the scar tissue being formed may be red and solid. Scar tissue can be treated with cosmetic procedures (for example, plasma injections, chemical exfoliation, botulinum toxin injections, cryotherapy) to speed up the healing process. After the first 10 to 14 days, you may start to conceal scarring with makeup.

Anaesthesia: general or intravenous.

Cost: depends on the specific method. For a mini facelift prices start from 3,100 EUR and for a full facelift from 4,000 EUR.

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