Custom-fit implants

Where innovation and art meet

It can be safely claimed that customised facial implants is where innovation, science and art meet: in other words, with the help of info-technology, it is possible to shape your facial features as desired. Such implants take into consideration the patient's underlying facial structure and are shaped and designed accordingly in order to help people get the look and facial proportions they have always dreamed of.

To make a custom-fit implant, a patient must first undergo a CT scan in Estonia, which is then used to produce a three-dimensional reconstruction. This is then sent to the US lab, where a technical specialist discusses the patient's preferences and the options available to them. This method is used to make cheek, chin and mandibular angle implants that take into consideration the specificities of your jawline to the last millimetre.

Although all Implantech implants made of medical-grade silicone can be customised before and during a surgical procedure, the human eye is no competition for hi-tech solutions when it comes to precision.

The downside of such implants is that their price starts from around 6,000-7,000 EUR.

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