Plasmalift or A-PRP

Plasma lift is the most natural skin rejuvenating procedure, involving the use of your own tissue, namely your blood plasma.

What is A-PRP? The abbreviation stands for autologous platelet-rich plasma, i.e. the patient's own blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets.

In simplified terms, this means that venous blood is taken from the patient, collected in a special container (test tube) and then processed by centrifugation. Centrifugation separates formed blood elements (red and white blood cells and platelets) and blood plasma. The plasma now contains only platelets, which, in turn, contain seven growth factors.

Growth factors are naturally-occurring proteins that stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts as well as promote the growth and generation of new cells and blood vessels (angiogenesis). The process of angiogenesis is involved in wound healing as well as soft and bone tissue and skin regeneration, but also stimulates hair growth. All of these desired qualities make the A-PRP method especially suitable for use in medicine, from oral to cardiovascular surgery.

For the last eight years, our clinic has employed a personalised regenerative medicine technique by Regenlab from Switzerland based on the results of over 170 scientific studies. Their portfolio includes three A-PRP options:

The plasma lift procedure is suitable for those who suffer from:

 Dry, dull skin

 Uneven complexion

 Superficial wrinkles

 Loss of skin volume

 Hair loss

 Before and after procedures

Before the procedure, it is advisable to avoid fatty foods for a few days and drink fluids on the same day you come in for the procedure.

The procedure is performed under topical gel anaesthesia (local anaesthesia cream is applied to skin) and takes one to one and a half hours. After the procedure, you may have redness and/or bruising which will subside in two to three days.

Results are obtained in seven to ten days and last for a few months. For more permanent results, it is recommended to have plasma procedures performed as a course of treatments: three procedures every three to four weeks and, to preserve their effect, once or twice a year.

Regenlab products can be combined with one another, so you can choose the most suitable procedure according to your preferences.

Prices: Regenlab A-PRP plasma (1 ampoule) 260 EUR, Cellularmatrix (1 ampoule) 350 EUR.

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