Chin implants

For excellent facial proportions and perfectly balanced features

A chin implant may be a good solution for those with a small receding chin, which means that the lower part of the face feels small compared with the middle and upper third. This makes the patient's nose look long and big and is especially an issue in side-view photos. What is more, age-related changes also manifest themselves quicker in such a face because the clearly outlined lower jawline simply disappears.

For over ten years, Dr. Tamme has been using chin implants by US producer Implantech, with their portfolio including options designed for men as well as women. Implants are made of medical-grade silicone and can be customised according to the patient's preferences. The patient's sex also plays a role - a feminine-looking chin should slightly recede from a vertical line drawn down from the lower lip, while a masculine one should be slightly forward-projecting. Also, an implant should be in harmony with the rest of the face.

Chin implant surgery can be performed through the mouth as well as through a small incision placed under the chin. During a consultation, the doctor explains which method is best for the patient. Neither method leaves noticeable scarring and the procedure is thus scar-free. Dr. Tamme uses titanium microscrews for the fixation of all embedded chin implants.

Benefits of chin implants

Chin implants can be used as an independent surgical procedure: the result of improved facial proportions create a desired impression. Also, chin implants can be successfully combined with other procedures, such as lower jaw implants, facelift and neck surgery.


Additional information on the surgical procedure


Recovery: during the first week, swelling and bruising in the chin area; for the first few months, numbness may be present. You can return to work after one to two weeks

Scarring: none

Cost: prices start from 2,000 EUR

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