Cheekbone implants

Why do we tend to smile when photographed or standing in front of a mirror?

The answer is very simple! We want to look younger and more cheerful by lifting our sagging cheeks with a smile, returning them to their original place in the middle of the face where they used to be when we were in our twenties and thirties. The same effect can be achieved with makeup when a darker colour is applied under the cheekbones and a lighter, light-reflecting hue in the middle of cheeks. The play of light and shadow can really have a transforming effect on the face.

The middle section of the face has a major role in achieving a more refreshed, youthful look. Aesthetic medicine offers a variety of options for lifting the middle part of the face. Vertical facelift, autologous fat transfer, filler injections and cheek implants, just to name a few. Dr. Tamme prefers to use the latter, i.e. cheek implants, because of their natural and permanent result.

Benefits of cheek implants

At a pre-operative consultation, an implant of a suitable shape and size is picked with the patient. During surgery, the implant is embedded in a pre-determined location through an incision placed in the mouth and is fixed to the upper jaw bone. Incisions are closed up with dissolvable stitches.

Cheek implants can be used as an independent surgical procedure. For example, a cheek implant in a thirty- or forty-year-old patient often produces a lifting effect which is enough to highlight the cheekbones, achieve a rejuvenated look in the under-eye area and reduce the nasolabial folds, contributing to an overall refreshed appearance.

As for combining a facelift with cheek implants, the latter helps to pull the overall look together, completing facelift's three dimensional result with a procedure performed as a deep plane facelift.

Additional information on the surgical procedure

Recovery: maintain good mouth cavity hygiene and eat soft foods during the first week. During the first week, swelling in the cheek area; for the first few months, numbness at the surgical site. You can return to work after two to three weeks. For the first three to four weeks, avoid physically strenuous activities. The final result can be assessed after six to nine months.

Scarring: none, because the procedure is performed through the mouth.

Cost: prices start from 2,800 EUR

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