Ear pinning (to correct protruding ears)

The size, shape and position of the ears is often, actually in more than half of cases (59%), the result of a genetic predisposition. Corrective surgery on the ears often gives an enormous boost to the patient's self-confidence. In children, ears that stick out too far or are too large often lead to teasing or bullying. As an adult, you would probably not be laughed at in public, but childhood fears and humiliation wouldn't disappear for good.

In such cases, one highly effective option is the surgical correction of ears (otoplasty). Children's ears have developed almost to their full size before they reach school age.

Surgical correction aims to reduce how far the ears protrude and give them a more standard shape by re-positioning and re-shaping their cartilage. The procedure is performed behind the ear by re-modelling and, if necessary, partly removing the cartilage. After correcting the shape of and re-positioning the cartilage, the skin is set in place and fixed with stitches. To support re-modelled ears, special-purpose rolls and a headband are used.

Another problem related to the shape of the ears is deformed, elongated earlobes. This issue can also be resolved with surgery.



Benefits of ear surgery




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Recovery: apply a cold pack for the first two to three days and, if necessary, take pain relief medication; also wear a head dressing for 10 to 14 days, after that wear a headband for 14 days round the clock. For the first three to four weeks, avoid physically strenuous activities. The final result can be assessed after six to nine months.

Scarring: none, because the procedure is performed behind the ear.

Cost: prices for ear pinning start from 2,200 EUR

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