Reduction of cheek fat, or Bichat's fat pads

For slimmer, more pronounced cheeks

Buried between cheek muscles, Bichat's fat pads are approximately the size of a walnut, giving children their adorable chubby cheeks. At a later age, however, fatty tissue tends to re-locate, lending our faces features characteristic to adults. A round face and chubby cheeks are often inherited and have no relation to body weight. If the patient wishes for more pronounced cheeks and a slimmer lower third of the face, reduction of cheek fat pads may be the best option.

Benefits of cheek fat reduction:

To achieve a more pronounced overall effect, the reduction of Bichat's fat pads can be combined with other surgical procedures in the facial area. For example, cheek and chin implants, facial liposuction, sculpting masticatory muscles with botulinum toxin (to achieve a narrower-looking face) and facelift.

Additional information on the surgical procedure:


Recovery: maintain good mouth cavity hygiene and eat soft foods during the first week. Bruising and swelling are common during the first weeks. You can return to work after one or two weeks. The final result can be assessed after four to six months.

Scarring: none, because the procedure is performed through the mouth.

Anaesthesia: local.

Cost: prices start from 1,400 EUR.

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